Exploring Homeopathy and its Benefits for Babies and Children

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Exploring Homeopathy and its Benefits for Babies and Children

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that has been used for centuries. It’s a natural based medicine and it is often confused with herbal medicine but these two forms of medicine are not the same!

So what exactly is Homeopathy then I hear you say? The quote below which sums it up well is from an inspiration of mine, she’s a homeopathic educator and practitioner in New York.

“Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is fundamentally different from conventional (allopathic) medicine. Whereas conventional medicine focuses on suppression of symptoms homeopathy seeks to correct the underlying imbalance that caused the symptoms in the first place. Homeopathy achieves this by strengthening the body’s own defences thereby allowing the body to heal itself naturally”  (Joette Calabrese)

Some of the most important decisions parents have to make in caring for our little ones concern their health care. Yet so often we’re not aware of the full range of choices available to us. My passion is changing that! There are so many complementary medicines available. Homeopathy is one of these medicines, it doesn’t have to be alternative, it can be used along with conventional medicine. Knowing this has made a huge difference to the moms I meet. With the rise in antibiotic resistence, the awareness is there on the harmful effects caused by their overuse and the impact they have had on our immune function.

Similar to allopathic medicine, homeopathic medicines are created in a specialised homeopathic pharmacy using substances naturally found in nature. Homeopathy does not use the crude ingredient of the plant, flower etc as is used in herbal medicine. Some natural ingredients used in their “raw” state may be toxic to the body and unsuitable for children. So in Homeopathy its been diluted many times in the laboratory so that the substance (now diluted) becomes safe and is the stimulus that the immune system needs to bring about healing and recovery in the body. This is why homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy and in infants.

The idea that the body can naturally fight off illness is not a new concept – Hippocrates known as The father of Medicine (470 BC) believed that “all disease begins in the gut”. We now have the scientific research to prove he was making sense from studies being done on gut microbiome and its link to our immunity. Our immune system is inside the body after all so it makes sense that by strengthening it we would have a stronger defence against illness and disease. This may sound confusing right? That’s because our understanding of medicine is based on suppression of symptoms and illness as opposed to supporting our bodies in fighting illness naturally with our immune system.

Tens of thousands of physicians and over five hundred million people use homeopathy around the world – which according to the World Health Organization makes it the 2nd most commonly used form of alternative medicine in the World, first being acupuncture.

A survey in Ireland that was conducted in 13 different GP settings over a 4-month period (1) found that 57 percent of parents reported using CAM (Complimentary & Alternative Medicine) for their child. Use was significantly higher in the two to four years age group. The most common medicinal CAMs used were vitamins (88 percent), fish oils (27 percent) and Echinacea (26 percent). The most common non-medicinal CAMs used were homeopathy (16 percent) and craniosacral therapy (14 percent). Only 13 percent of parents had informed their GP/Pediatrician of their child’s CAM use. This just proves how much us Mommas know what’s best for our little ones and will try alternatives!

My first son suffered with colic and chronic digestive issues as a newborn. I’m sure my pediatrician thought I was crazy the amount of times I brought him to her in the first few weeks – all to no help, insight or advice other than “he’ll grow out of it”  So mothers intuition kicked in and I thought, this is NOT right, there has to be something out there to help him. This led me straight to the local health food store where I got so much advice on options to try.

Having tried the usual colic treatments that didn’t help him a friend gave me a homeopathic remedy to try. After that first homeopathic remedy we saw right in front of us our screaming infant begin to settle, he stopped crying had a nap and woke up without bringing the house down! This was the start of my journey into Homeopathy.

I love treating infants with colic/reflux. Everyone knows that cry! The cry of the newborn baby where you just know it’s not the regular “gas pains”. Infantile colic is described as episodes ranging in duration of irritability and excessive crying thought to be due to spasms in the intestines. While much research has been focused on the topic, no consistent explanation as to the cause has yet been defined. Rather, most specialists hypothesise the cause to be multifactorial — a combination of genetic predisposition, neurodevelopment immaturity, digestive disorders and possibly influenced by behavioural and social/cultural aspects. The baby may fuss continuously, arch their back, draw their legs up to stomach or stretch out. Homeopathy is one of the few effective and safe treatments available for colic and reflux in infants. Patients have often reported rapid improvement within hours.  Below a mother shares her experience of using homeopathy with her of 4.5-week-old suffering with colic symptoms.

We were so thankful we found homeopathy and Annemarie. Our 4.5-week-old baby seemed to cry continuously. She would arch her back after every feed, scream so much she would go red in the face. She had trouble passing wind and struggled a lot during the day. Within a half hour of the remedy, she began to settle and was content for what felt like the first time. Annemarie knew exactly the symptoms and had such a nice manner with her. Our baby is 9 months now and homeopathy has helped during teething, coughs, ear infections and a horrendous nappy rash which all seemed to clear really quickly with the remedies.

Thank you Annemarie.

Imelda P

Helpful Tips in dealing with colic/reflux in infants

Having a baby with colic is so challenging and should qualify you for an award so hang in there! It can sometimes feel hard to explain to people how difficult it is if they haven’t experienced it themselves so while baby takes most of the attention don’t forget to look after Momma too.

  • Keep track of any patterns – do they fuss more at night/day, before feeds or after feeds, foods you think aggravate condition if breast feeding. What position works best for them to relieve pain – this will also help in Homeopathic consultation where we prescibe on their symptoms.
  • Wear your baby – studies show that in colicky babies wearing/carrying the infant before they get fussy impacts on the time they spend fussing and crying in the evening.
  • Try baby massage movements to relieve gas.
  • Leave baby in upright position after feeding, or put them in a sling.
  • Go outside – babies find motion soothing so it doesn’t matter how you move just getting out and moving is good.
  • Swaddling – Some babies love to feel snug and secure in a swaddle and it helps them from flailing and fussing.
  • Take a break, no matter how long (remember having a shower where you had the time to dry properly AND put on lotion!!)
  • Keep reminding yourself how great a job you’re doing and it will pass (Homeopathy can help!)

If you would like to know more about Homeopathy or wish to meet with me please contact me through my social channels or website listed below my bio.

About Annemarie

My name is Annemarie O’Reilly and I’m a fully qualified and registered Homeopath with ISH (Irish Society of Homeopaths). I run a clinic in Midleton Cork treating infants and children. I’m so passionate about homeopathy and its benefits and absolutely love treating chldren. Watching them bounce back after sickness, get over that cough or cold in half the time or no longer get 4 chest or ear infections a year is why I love doing what I do. Prior to qualifying as a homeopath we lived in California USA where my career was in Wedding Planning and Event Management. Using homeopathy with my first born 12 years ago has brought my career in a completely different direction!

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(1) Low E, Murray DM, O’Mahony O, O’B Hourihane J. Complementary and alternative medicine use in Irish pediatric patients. Ir J Med Sci. 2008 Apr 22.


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